How to Get More Business for Your Guest House

11 Feb

There’s a lot to do in order to increase the number of guests you attract to your property, it’s not just a case of putting up the “vacancies” sign, but then you know that already. It can take many years to generate a great reputation and one or two bad reviews can seriously affect your sales. Follow these tips below to attract and retain more customers and start building the reputation that will benefit you for many years to come.

Know Your Target Audience

You can’t great a guest house that will attract everyone, so you need to work out who your market is and focus on them. Decide who the core audience is and research similar guest houses and hotels that are doing well.  When deciding on your market think about the area you’re in, who comes to the area most? What is there to do and what types of people are attracted to those activities?

What Makes Your Guest House Unique?

Make sure there is a great reason for your target audience to pick your guest house over all the other ones in the area. Find a major selling point, it could be a view, the fact you allow pets, that your guest house is family orientated or couples oriented. You could offer extra services, have a swimming pool, anything will work. Once you know what makes you stand out ensure you use it in all your promotional work.

Get to Know Your Guests Before they Arrive

As soon as you receive a booking start to build a relationship with the guests.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a newsletter and work on Facebook and twitter. Share news of the activities that are going on in the area, sell the location and your personality.  You should also ensure you reply quickly to any questions and contact that is made via your email and social accounts. Be present and accessible. If you can develop relationships you will find it easier for people to recommend you to their friends and return.

Improve Your Website, Modernise and Simplify

The website needs to be the base of your entire online presence.  Your online profiles and listings should always link back to your website and it needs to be mentioned on all your printed publications, along with your social media links.  If you haven’t updated your website in over two years it will probably benefit from a re-design. All sites need to be:

  • Fast loading – Images should load immediately
  • Responsive so it works on mobile devices easily
  • Have the correct contact information
  • Have an email subscription
  • Links to your social media pages

Sell your guest house by taking beautiful images that really sell the atmosphere your guests will experience, contact Rob Bennett Photography for assistance with this.  Don’t forget to include photos and information about the sights and events in the area too. People tend to pick their holiday based on the location first and the guest house second.

The author is a freelance writer with fifteen years’ experience in hospitality. He started writing blog posts and articles sharing his experiences on his personal blog and now writes professionally. His work has been well accepted and now you can read his mumblings on hundreds of quality website and blogs.

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